Sunday, 21 March 2010


POLISH is American apparel which i bought on a recent trip to vegas and the cool nail art pen which i also got in vegas. Love it.

The American Apparel pastel colours are to die for. They don't have specific names but this one is the greeny jade one.

I put a base coat and then 3, yes 3 coats of colour and then the patterns with the nail art pen then a couple of top coats for good measure.

They lasted me over 2 weeks, applying top coat from time to time. I only took it off because there were a few chips but mainly becuase my nails had grown.

Inspired by Keith Haring and his awesome prints.

The stripes and zig zag patterns are really bold and graphic and these translate perfectly to nails. The great thing is just to go for it where each nail is slightly different which is how i did mine... however, below is the slightly modified design with matching pattens on each nail.

by jacqui ma

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